You are a power couple. I’ve always been a fan of Tee’s work. Now the pair of you take photography to the next level. Your work, your approach, your teamwork and the level of attention to detail show your love & passion for photography. You captured exactly what I had in mind... actually even better than what I had imagined. Taking pics of an infant is not easy at all yet, you made it seem effortless.
— Gisele Ayas, Montréal
Photoshoot was amazing, pics were top notch! Keep up the great work you amazing team!!
— Melissa Dawn, Montréal
Tee and Bao Han made my experience very fun and relaxing. I was expecting awkwardness since I was half naked but there was none! Thank you again for the shots guys! ;) I really appreciate how you two squeezed us into your absolute busy schedule!
— Vivian Le, Orange County, California
It was an amazing experience for us. My husband and I were so impressed for the quality of work and the service. For us he is the best photographer!
— Dailexy Romero, Brossard
I am a fan of your photography style. My family and I felt very comfortable and at ease working with both Tee + Bao Han. We were all very happy with the pictures and we plan to enlarge a few to canvas to hang in our homes. Thanks for your great work!
— Chi Ninh, San Fransisco (California)
Tee and BaoHan are like the Bonnie & Clyde of photography. Great team work <3
— Nhu Loan, San Francisco (California)
As a fashion blogger it was important for me to collaborate with the team for a new vision.The results speak for itself: one of the most successful articles since the launch of my blog. Tee + Bao Han reveal the best in you and always make you feel comfortable in front of the lenses! They always listen to your wishes and add the little touch that makes the difference: authenticity!
— Minh Bui, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Having a child with special needs makes it difficult for me to chose a great photographer who can be patient, fun and creative at the same time…My son just clicked with Bao Han + Tee. That makes me so happy because he was in such a good mood and the session went by so fast! I love the way they captured the photos, naturally and beautifully. Also, I love having someone giving me ideas to create a meaningful theme and story.
— Thanh Nguyen, Orange (California)
Tee Tran Photography does great work. Team Tee + Bao Han are hardworking, creative, and kind people to be around. They made us feel comfortable during our photoshoot. Bao Han had a vision for one of my dresses. She went out of her way to purchase extra fabrics for my peach dress to complete her vision. At the end of the day, we love how our engagement pictures turned out. Thank you Team Tee + Bao Han. You guys rock!
— Kris Kathman, Austin (Texas)
Beyond the high quality of the photos, the photoshoot experience itself was a lot of fun, but, more importantly, reassuring. Knowing that the two people taking care of me knew exactly what they were doing showed me that they were reliable and that I had nothing to worry about.
— Khoi Pham, Montréal (Canada)
I love the dynamic between Tee + Bao Han. Very professional and very caring: posing for boudoir pictures can be very intimidating, especially if the photographer is a man. But Tee + Bao Han made me feel very comfortable. Tee was very discreet and Bao Han was very patient! Also a note on the overall service: they did everything from A to Z, including creating the album and ordering it online. All I had to do was pick it up. That is what the best client experience is all about. To make you feel like you are their favorite client.
— Janine Tran Lam, St-Laurent (Canada)